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Where should I store my cylinders?

In the interests of safety it is important to store cylinders appropriately.

The following points serve as general guidelines only. Please be aware that for certain products (such as cryogenic gases, toxic gases or LPG) there are specific requirements:

  • store cylinders in a well-ventilated, covered area, preferably outside on a level, well-drained surface.

  • store cylinders vertically and securely to prevent them from toppling.

  • store full and empty cylinders separately, rotating your cylinder stock holdings so the oldest cylinders are used first.

  • segregate cylinders by the properties of the gas (i.e. flammable, inert, oxidant, and so on).

Our blog '10 safety tips to keep in mind when working with industrial gas cylinders' provides great tips to ensure you’re handling, storing and transporting them as safely as possible.