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What gas products can I buy from BOC?

BOC gases are used in many commercial and private industry sectors and across a range of diverse applications.

We supply over 20,000 compressed gases and mixtures. The main industrial product groups include:

  • Inert: Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Nitrogen (Oxygen-Free) (N2O), Pureshield Argon (Ar)

  • Fuel: Dissolve Acetylene (C2H2), Hydrogen (H2), Propane (C3H8), Powerjet Propylene (C3H6)

  • Oxidant: Compressed Air, Oxygen (O2)

  • Shielding: Alushield, Argoshield, Stainshield

  • Laser and Assist

  • Refrigeration

  • Cryogenic

  • Food Fresh

  • Balloon

BOC also supply non-industrial gases for medical use, hospitality and scientific research. Browse our catalogue to purchase now.