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F Gas Regulations for the purchase of refrigerant gases

On 1st January 2015, the F-Gas Regulation came into effect which affects all manufacturers, suppliers and users of fluorinated gases. This means that we have responsible supply requirements against some refrigerant products and will need to register additional information about your company prior to their purchase.

Here is what we require from our customers prior to your first supply:

1. Stationary Equipment (food factory, IT room etc) Professional Refrigeration Engineers/Companies

You will need to submit your company F-Gas certificate. The acceptable UK F-Gas certificates are from Refcom, Bureau Veritas or Quidos. This applies to all refrigerant contractors and sole traders and you must be registered as a BOC customer prior to first supply.

Submit your F-Gas Certificate

2. Specialist Users/Specialist Automotive Customers (OEMs, trucks, other mode of transport)

Any customer who will be using our refrigerant gas in production, trucks and other specialist equipment will need to complete and submit a Letter of Assurance (if Mobile Air-Conditioning (MAC) in cars only – see Section 3 below).

Download Letter of Assurance template

Submit your Letter of Assurance

3. Automotive customers (cars only)

You will need to send us confirmation that the refrigerant gas that you require is being used for Mobile Air-Conditioning (MAC) in cars only.

Submit confirmation of MAC usage in cars