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Contaminated cylinders

BOC Healthcare has in place a contaminated cylinder management process to protect personnel involved in handling cylinders

BOC Healthcare has a procedure which enables customers to prepare contaminated cylinders so they can be correctly handled when returned to BOC following initial cleaning. As part of this procedure we can provide customers with “contaminated cylinder bags”. These bags will allow visibly contaminated cylinders to be clearly marked and safely handled.

The procedure for the collection of potentially contaminated cylinders is as follows:

Customer responsibility

  • If a cylinder is visibly contaminated, the customer should isolate and clean the cylinder with warm water to remove any contaminants (eg blood, pus, faeces or other bodily fluids).

  • When the cylinder is dry the customer should put the cylinder in a “contamination bag” (supplied by BOC Healthcare) and store it in a safe place.

  • The customer will then need to contact us by phone to advise that they have a contaminated cylinder for collection.

  • As required the customer can order “contaminated cylinder bags” free of charge from BOC Healthcare

BOC Healthcare Responsibility

  • To provide a small free supply of “contaminated cylinder bags + cable ties” to key personnel in Hospitals and Ambulance Trusts on request.

  • On notification from the customer of a suspected contaminated cylinder BOC will: - Confirm the cylinders have been bagged in accordance with the process - Arrange collection of bagged contaminated cylinders in accordance with existing protocols.

  • Our driver will collect the bagged cylinders from the customer site, attach a label and return to the branch

  • BOC will arrange cleaning of cylinder in accordance with existing protocols