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Collection information

The Gas & Gear store Manager will call or email you once your order is ready to collect. If you need it urgently, please call the Gas & Gear store to confirm when you can collect it.

If you would like someone else to collect the order on your behalf, they will need to bring the sales order number, account number and a copy of your confirmation email (phone copy or printed copy).

Collection charge

Collecting equipment is FREE, please refer to the price list for the charge applied when you collect gas cylinders.

Collection window

Click & Collect orders will be reserved for 3 working days from your available collection date. After 3 working days, the Gas & Gear Manager will contact you. Requests for cancellation will be subject to the BOC Returns Policy. If you still fail to collect your order by the agreed date, we will cancel your order, and we reserve the right to charge an admin fee.